Watch “Nou Bouke”

Recently, MS4H-MSSM held it’s first event as an MSSM Student Organization. The date of this event was no coincidence; January 12th, 2012, marked the two-year ‘anniversary’ of the Haiti Earthquake, largely recognized as one of, if not THE worst natural disaster in the western hemisphere to date. Led by  Chapter President Christian Pean,  MS4H-MSSM brought people together to watch an hour-long documentary-film called “Frontline: The Quake” (2010).

Frontline: The Quake is available on Netflix Instant.

The film is centered around the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake; Witness the devastation caused by this terrible event, as well as failures and successes of government and foreign aid directly after the earthquake.

"Nou bouke" is a kreyol phrase that means, "we're tired". This phrase expresses the overwhelming sentiment felt by Haitian people after the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Another film of interest is “Nou Bouke”, an Emmy Award-Winner. “Nou Bouke” is a Kreyol phrase meaning “we’re tired”. The term is referenced in the film to illustrate the fatigue and desperation of the Haitian people, a population historically oppressed by a legacy of racism, corruption, and both misguided and tyrannous leaders.

You can check out “Nou Bouke”, as well as a recent update, “Nou Bouke: Two Years Later” online right now. Links to the films are below.


“Nou Bouke”

“Nou Bouke: Two Years Later”


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