Anatomie Quisqueya

In addition to upholding the goals of the continental organization, Mount Sinai’s MS4H chapter has chosen to collaborate with Université Quisqueya on its first long term project. Université Quisqueya, or UniQ, is an institution based out of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Currently, UniQ has a five year license granting medical education program, but it has no anatomy books, no working anatomy lab and no anatomy curriculum, period. This is not to say that students graduate from UniQ without a knowledge of the human body, but that it has been determined that the medical education of UniQ students would be best served by the addition of a course dedicated to human anatomy. MS4H-MSSM would like to help meet this need.

Our plan is multi-faceted, breaking down our long-term goal of providing both a working anatomy facility on UniQ’s campus AND helping organize a useful anatomy curriculum. The smaller steps include;

  1. Providing anatomy books to UniQ students. Elsevier-Masson publishes the French editions of most of the widely used dissectors and anatomy atlases; we will be contacting them shortly to see if they are interested in helping us provide anatomy books to UniQ.
  2. Producing an online anatomy lecture series. Several Mount Sinai faculty members have expressed interest in helping instruct UniQ students via recorded lectures over the internet.
  3. Raising funds to build and sustain an anatomy lab, as well as working within Haitian law, tradition and sanitation practices to provide cadavers, technicians and instructors able to manage a working anatomy lab.

One option that falls within the framework of our organization includes the incorporation of Mount Sinai medical students as peer instructors and TAs for both the online anatomy course and the anatomy lab sessions in Haiti once the facility is complete.

For more information on our “Anatomie Quisqueya” project, for information regarding making a donation specifically towards furthering this project along, or to offer help in any way, please email


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