Medical Students for Haiti Comes to Texas to Raise Money for it’s Medical Education Projects

  Mission, TX Buy your ticket here!!! Or, if you can’t make it!!! We will provide the music, snacks, lively atmosphere, Rhum Barbancourt and other fine beverages. . . Come have a classy drink or two with old friends and meet some more, all while contributing to a worthy cause!  Also, enter the raffle at … Continue reading

MS4H Newsletter: La Reprise – Issue 1, Fall 2012

Hello friends and collaborators, The MS4H newsletter is a publication used to unite the MS4H community to to introduce MS4H to the greater community. Please take a moment to view the inaugural issue of our newsletter – La Reprise, at the following link; PDF FILE: LA REPRISE – ISSUE 1, FALL 2012. We are sure you … Continue reading

2/16/12 – Photos: Danielle Butin and Evenel St-Vil of AFYA

Photos courtesy of Kei Satoh (c) Here is a slideshow featuring Danielle Butin, MPH, OTR, founder of Afya, and Evenel St-Vil, a former English teacher and earthquake survivor who now devotes his life to rehabilitating amputees and other earthquake survivors at one of Afya’s sites in Haiti. Ernest Barthelemy, M3 at MSSM, wrapped up the panel … Continue reading

Keynote Speaker Event!

Medical Students for Haiti, Inc. (MS4H) Mount Sinai School of Medicine Chapter, Presents: Haitian Cultural Awareness Week A celebration of Haiti’s culture, history, and its people. Monday 2/13/2012 – Friday 2/17/2012 Thursday February 16th 5:30-7:00 PM Goldwurm Auditorium,  Icahn Medical Institute (East Building) Keynote Event:  REHABILITATION in POST-EARTHQUAKE HAITI Featuring: Evenel St-Vil and Danielle Butin of … Continue reading

Haitian Cultural Awareness Week @ MSSM

As a conglomerate of both supporters and very invested medical and graduate students from a multitude of backgrounds (Haitian and non-Haitian), MS4H-MSSM is looking to make our presence known on the Mount Sinai campus. We are planning a series of events during the first ever Haitian Cultural Awareness Week, from Feb. 13-17, 2012. We are reaching … Continue reading

Watch “Nou Bouke”

Recently, MS4H-MSSM held it’s first event as an MSSM Student Organization. The date of this event was no coincidence; January 12th, 2012, marked the two-year ‘anniversary’ of the Haiti Earthquake, largely recognized as one of, if not THE worst natural disaster in the western hemisphere to date. Led by  Chapter President Christian Pean,  MS4H-MSSM brought people … Continue reading